Lindsey Prudden

Lindsey has been an instructor since 2020! She is certified to teach Stroller Strides and was our leader teaching all the virtual classes during COVID lockdown.

1) Where do you live?

Tewksbury, MA

2) Introduce your family.

My husband‘s name is Josh. We’ve been married for almost 5 years. We have two beautiful and spunky tiny humans named Cameron (3) and Carsen (2). We also have two fur-babies named Gracie and Jameson!

3) How did you find FIT4MOM?

A friend’s cousin posted in a local mom’s group on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to “try a free mommy-and-me workout” so we decided to go together. I ended up coming back for more and found out FIT4MOM is a wonderful community that became so much more than a workout for me.

4) What’s your favorite class to take?

Stroller Strides! The mama community I’ve gained is amazing. I also attended FIT4BABY when I was pregnant with my daughter and it was a wonderful, bonding experience for me and baby, as well as a great workout while pregnant.

5) What’s your favorite exercise move?

Call me crazy, but I’m a big fan of burpees and squats!

6) What do you like to do when not teaching?

I love hiking and spending time outside with my family, walking my dogs, and woodworking/crafting.

7) If you had to sing karaoke, what song would you pick?

I love karaoke! In my pre-mama life, my go-to karaoke song was always “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles.

8) Share a favorite mom moment.

Recently, I asked my three year old to stop getting so big. He told me he couldn’t, and that he needed to get bigger “like me and dada.”When I asked him why he needed to get bigger like me and dada, he said “So that I can drink wine with you guys!”

I laughed so hard. He’s obviously got some big life goals. He also wants to be a scientist.

9) Share a favorite FIT4MOM moment.

I remember sitting around after a Stroller Strides class one day, asking about how to get my son to sleep at night. (He was always the WORST sleeper, and didn’t sleep through the night until a week before his sister was born —20 months old). I broke down in tears from exhaustion and frustration and everyone offered support and advice. I was brand new to the FIT4MOM community and felt like I had known those mamas forever. I appreciated that support more than any of them probably even know.

10) If you could give one piece of advice to a new mom, what would it be?

There is no right or wrong way to take care of your own baby! I spent way too much time with my first baby, reading (on social media) what other moms were telling me was the “right way” to take care of my baby, and constantly feeling like I had to do it the “right way” even when it didn’t feel right for me. It added unnecessary stress and pressure. When my second baby was born, I took a totally different approach and enjoyed being a mama to a newborn so. much. more.

11. Share 11 Random facts about you!

1. I once worked for a mobile veterinarian.

2. I’m 35 years old.

3. My honeymoon was in French Polynesia.

4. My first car was older than I was.

5. My favorite color is green.

6. I have a degree in elementary education.

7. I grew up in Rhode Island and lived there until I was 28.

8. I’m left-handed.

9. I used to run 4 miles a day on a torn ACL, because I didn’t know I needed surgery.

10. I don’t like seafood.

11. I use a table saw and chop saw almost daily to build custom wood projects.