Gillian Baudreau

Instructor, BodyBack

  • Current Town: North Reading, MA
  • Hometown: Belmont, NH
  • Certifications: Fit4Mom BodyBack

I found Stroller Strides almost 3 years ago when my first son was about 10 weeks old. I had recently quit my job as an event planner and decided to stay home full time. I knew I needed to get back in shape and had been looking for something that would actually fit my lifestyle, rather than pay a fortune for a gym membership that I would never use. I was so thankful to have found Fit4Mom! It has completely changed the way I view working out. I used to hate it! Now, with two little ones, I look forward to it as part of my regular routine.

After some convincing, I signed up for a session of Body Back, and found my place. I was able to really focus on myself for the first time in a long time, and I loved it. I was getting some much needed "me" time, while becoming a stronger, healthier version of myself. After only a month of doing it, I became an instructor. My goal now is to create workouts that make you sweat, but are fun and different at the same time. I'm so excited to be continuing this journey and making new friends along the way!